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Suffolk County Stormwater Management Program

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Attention Teachers:

Suffolk County and Cornell Cooperative Extension are offering FREE school programs for students on stormwater pollution in Suffolk County. 

If you have had a stormwater presentation at your school, we kindly ask that you complete the Program Evaluation Form so we can continue to provide you with timely and educational stormwater programming!

School Assembly Program: Meet "Stormy Waters" a Stormwater Detective! 


Stormy Waters and his robotic dog sniff out stormwater pollution. Students will learn about stormwater pollution and what they can do to prevent pollutants from entering local harbors and tidal creeks. In this interactive presentation, students will participate as actors and camera operators in various scenes. Stormy Waters will help the students locate the cause of a beach closure and teach students how to be responsible pet owners.

This fun and humorous presentation will keep students engaged while learning how to prevent stormwater pollution in their community!

Presentation Details

Cost: Free

Program funded by Suffolk County Department of Public Works under the Stormwater Management Program.

 Suggested Grades: 3rd to 6th grades

 Time: 60 minutes

 A DVD or video of the play, filmed by your students, will be provided to your school after the presentation.

For a sample video of the Stormy Waters presenation click here

So call today for this free, fun, educational, entertaining presentation for your students.

For more information and to schedule a program,

Please call or e-mail Mark Cappellino:

Cornell Cooperative Extension Stormwater Educator

(631) 852-8660 ext. 33