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Stormwater Highlight of the Month:

Did you know that some simple car care practices can help improve water quality? Click here for some best management practices for your automobile.

Temporary shellfish closure information: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) temporarily closes areas for shellfish harvest. Excessive stormwater runoff caused by heavy rainfall carries bacteria and other pathogens into adjacent surface waters, adversely affecting water quality in the enclosed creeks, coves, harbors and bays and causing shellfish in those areas to have an increased potential to be hazardous for use as food. Additionally, closures are imposed during busy holidays to protect public health from potentially contaminated shellfish associated with increased boating activity.

Click this link for any current information and maps related to temporary shellfish closures


Suffolk County has developed a Stormwater Management Program to reduce stormwater pollution from County-owned roads and properties. Polluted stormwater runoff is often transported by conveyance systems into our local waters. Common pollutants include oil and grease from roadways, pesticides, fertilizers, pet waste, sediments from construction and carelessly discarded trash and litter.

These and other stormwater pollutants impair our local waterways; discourage recreational use, create human health risks, and degrade habitats for fish and other aquatic life. Under the Stormwater Management Program, the Suffolk County Department of Public Works and Cornell University Cooperative Extension are working together to develop an educational program and best management practices to reduce pollution from stormwater runoff.

Outdated cesspool and septic systems continue to be an issue in Suffolk County. In an effort to improve water quality Suffolk County has started the Reclaim Our Waters program.

The Septic Improvement Program is available to qualified owners of residential property located within Suffolk County. Grant funding, of up to $10,000, will be provided toward the purchase and installation of Suffolk County Department of Health Services approved Innovative and Alternative nitrogen removal onsite wastewater treatment system (I/A OWTS) and leaching structure, as well as toward attendant engineering and design services. An additional $1,000 may be available toward installation of Pressurized Shallow Drainfields for a maximum grant of up to $11,000. All other costs, including, but not limited to, costs above the authorized grant amount, irrigation repairs, electrical improvements unrelated to system installation or other improvements necessary for the installation are the responsibility of the property owner/applicant. Post-installation landscaping restoration is also the responsibility of the property owner/applicant. Click here for information about the Reclaim Our Waters program

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