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Suffolk County Stormwater Management Program

Edward P. Romaine, County Executive

Department of Public Works

Department of Economic Development and Planning

Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination, or IDDE, is the third major part of the EPA's Six Minimum Control Measures. Suffolk County and Cornell Cooperative Extension have together created a plan to detect and eliminate illicit discharges throughout the county. Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we have created a digital map showing the locations of all outfalls discharging stormwater from Suffolk County roads and properties. The GPS location of the outfalls, along with photos and descriptions of the outfall structures have been incorporated into the GIS software, allowing for more efficient water quality monitoring and testing of County-owned outfall pipes which allow for quicker detection and removal of illicit connections.

Here is a video from the Center For Watershed Protection about IDDE:

The county has also enacted ordinances to prohibit illicit discharges into County-owned storm conveyance systems. Only by educating the public on illicit discharges and how to report them can we eliminate these discharges and stop them from threatening our local waterways.

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