Pollution Prevention Projects

Traditionally, stormwater from roads has been conveyed directly to surface waterbodies in Suffolk County. This was done in an effort to keep roads clear during storms; as road flooding causes dangerous conditions for motorists. However, this diversion of stormwater has resulted in stormwater pollutants entering our waterbodies.

To prevent further discharges of stormwater pollutants, Suffolk County DPW has set goals to remediate traditional measures by treating and/or diverting stormwater before discharge. To accomplish these goals, the DPW has completed several stormwater pollution prevention projects, all of which address the prevention, reduction, or elimination of pollutants to Priority Waterbodies.

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 Click the image below for an interactive map of project locations.


Below are a few recently Completed DPW Projects

Bond Act Phase 2B – CR 98 at Terrell River

 Bond Act Phase 1B - Santapogue Creek and Brown Creek

Bond Act Phase 1G – CR 80 at Carmans River

Bond Act Phase 1A - Lake Montauk, Paynes Creek, Three Mile Harbor

Bond Act Phase 1H – CR 42 at Shelter Island Sound

Bond Act Phase 1E - Mattituck Creek

Bond Act Phase 2A – CR 48 at Hashamomuck Pond

NYS Rt 27A at Champlin Creek

Bond Act Phase 1D – CR 35 at Huntington Harbor

Bond Act Phase 3B – CR 63 at Peconic River

CR 34 at Phelps Lane - Carlls River

Bond Act Phase 3C – CR 94 at Peconic River and Little Peconic River

CR 50 at Champlin Creek

Bond Act Phase 1C - Shinnecock Bay

CR 96 at Trolley Line Rd – West Babylon Creek

Meschutt Beach - Great Peconic Bay

CR 80 at Oceanview Road - Shinnecock Bay

CR 36 at various crossing tributaries to Patchogue Bay

CR 80 at Forge River

CR 80, from NYS Rt 112 to CR 101 – Patchogue Bay

CR 58 Reconstruction – Peconic River

CR 51 at CR 63 – Wildwood Lake

CR 21 at Carmans River

CR 2 at Amityville Creek, CR 50 at Various, and CR 80 at Senix Creek